Lockout-Tagout Graphics

To comply with OSHA and your company's requirements, ASG experts conduct a thorough analysis of your equipment and identify all the necessary sources of energy.

Step 1: Conduct a site review to establish the cost of your particular project.
Step 2: Use existing drawings, or if existing drawings do not exist, draft from scratch a plain view drawing to use on placards.
Step 3: Collect all data purtaining  to achieving a Zero Energy State.

ASG Lockout/Tagout placards and identification tags are printed with high-quality, UV-resistant ink using state-of-the-art color printers.
All materials used in the manufacture and mounting of our Lockout/Tagout procedures and labeling,resist damage due to exposure to lubricants, solvents, UV light, temperature extremes and physical abuse.

Available in ALL languages

Click here for a link of OSHA requirements

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Evacuation Plans

The posting of building evacuation plans, fire evacuation maps, and emergency exit signs are necessary to meet OSHA, fire and building code requirements. Evacuation placards provide emergency evacuation routes to designated exits and highlight fire/safety equipment locations with easy-to-understand written evacuation instructions. All of the placards are location-specific to the viewer using a “You Are Here” arrow that is easily located.

Our evacuation placards are strategically placed and personalized to the facility and client requirements.
View a sample of our Evacuation Plan signs.





On Site Reviews & Installations

Advanced Safety Graphics offers on-site reviews by employees with years of Lockout/Tag out experience. This service allows you the customer to enjoy a worry free, thorough job site review. Our experts will ask all the right questions to make world class graphics.





Industrial Signage

Communicate any message with our custom industrial signs. Our Custom made industrial signs allow you to communicate workplace hazards or policies in the most effective way possible – however you choose.

You decide the wording and graphics and we'll create a durable, long-lasting sign just for you.
Available in ALL languages

  • Dry erase boards
  • Custom Containers
  • ME Signs

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Lockout-Tagout User Training

We also offer on site training, training videos, power point presentations and/or training webinars.




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